A question for the quilters

I love these quilts (from the pottery barn website, of course, I think I need help :-))
The squares quilt doesn't do much for me but the circles and stars on white I just adore.
The circles seems to be identical to the Denise Schmidt single girl quilt and I have the pattern for that in one the Denise Schmidt books but can anyone give me the pattern name for the stars quilt?
I could probably wing it by sewing strips together, cutting triangles and piecing them together to make the stars but I'd have to do some maths to figure out the single bed sizing and I am, at heart, a lazy girl.
Any ideas?


can't help you with the name but do agree they are lovely!
Anonymous said…
ooh very pretty, again I have no idea but they are both stunning.
Kloth & Bolt said…
oh my goodness, i can't belive these are at pottery barn! it's a huge huge US chain...in some ways it makes me sad that they are mass producing these not hand making them...then again, i've always loved the single girl quilt, maybe i should just buy one as my to do list is about a mile long! Sorry can't help with the name of the other.-kb
Belinda said…
They're both gorgeous!!
Anonymous said…
You'll probably find it under a few different names. It is based on a hexagon and diamond patter. Traditionally these were hand pieced due to the awkward seams.

You would make it by stitching the strips together and use a template to cut diamonds from that. How far are you from the shop called Material Obsession? It looks like their style and they could be very helpful to you.
Lynn said…
I know nothing about quilting, but that photo is fab. Imagine a slumber party on a big porch (no mozzies, please), gentle breezes wafting...

Have fun, and tackle that project with gusto (because, in fact, my word verification is indeed "gusto")!
blackbird said…
Do you know Jan?

She's my quilter friend - she can help you. (she's mighty nice too, so write to her! tell her I sent you.)

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