And so it goes...
The children are all sleeping in their own unique way tonight.
G took a while to get to sleep because tomorrow is the last day of term and she is very excited about the 2 week holiday.
She reminds me that there is a time in our lives when 2 weeks is a very long time and draws open memories of summer holidays that lasted forever.
J is sleeping carefully so as not to knock the 3cm gash above his eyebrow that he got last night when he was messing around with his sister. It was glued together at the emergency department this morning.
He reminds me to be grateful for the wonderful medical care we have available to us because the extra time taken this morning meant that he didn't need to be sedated to have stitches. Snuggling blue bear and holding mum's hand was all the comfort he needed while Dr Paula 'put him back together'. He and Dr Paula were joking that if humpty dumpty had doctors and nurses instead of king's horses and men he'd probably be sitting up on that wall again.
I heart Dr Paula.
C is finally sleeping after testing every bedtime limit I put in place.
She reminds me that being 2 is hard and that it is my job to make it easier. It's not always an easy job but it's the one I've got so I'd better do it well. Let me share with you something hilarious that she said today; after repeatedly hitting J's leg today when they were sitting together in the car I told her to keep her hands to herself. Without missing a beat she said to me 'but I can't hurt him without my hands'.
JW is sleeping fitfully because fevers are tough on little bodies.
She reminds me that a cuddle can be the most comforting thing in the world.
They all remind me of Jeff Buckley's album Grace that we listened to a lot in 2000 when we were expecting our first baby. I'll fall asleep humming Hallelujah tonight.


Frogdancer said…
David2's been learning that song on the piano. I finally had it out of my head....

Enjoy the school holidays! Ours are just finishing up.
thetwowindmills said…
Beautiful post! As I write this my 2 year old is trying everything to get out of bed and the one year old is refusing to sleep.
I love that album by Jeff Buckley, definately an all time favourite. The album I listened to constantly when my first born was a baby is Norah Jones, Come away with me - it will always evoke such lovely memories
The Coffee Lady said…
so sad - I can't listen to that video here, it won't let me

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