Winter in Sydney

After weeks of wet weather the sun finally broke through and it was truly spectacular. The weekend was sunny, mild and extra long thanks to the Queen's birthday public holiday.

We went to the park to ride our bikes and packed a picnic. We spent most of Sunday lazing in the sun, watching the kids cycling around and around and around the bike path, ate pickles and cupcakes and read our books.

We looked good in our curls and hand-me-down coats,

and we practiced the ancient art of toddler tossing. Mr Duyvken and I are becoming pros!


Eleanor said…
Classic Sydney winter, captured so beautifully Duyvken! Mr. D looks incredibly fit!!

JW's hair has grown, again. !!
Those days should last forever.
thetwowindmills said…
It was a stunning weekend wasn't it!
eurolush said…
Loved the photos!

You've really captured all the fun and excitement of your park visit.

Glad you enjoyed the holiday weekend.

PS-I've been away from the comment box...but keeping up with all your posts!
Fran said…
perfect - just the way a long weekend should be!
Bianca said…
We practiced a bit of that ancient art on the long weekend too...only we did ours at the exotic location of Dubbo. It wasn't quite so mild weather wise out there but the zoo was ace.

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