On getting stuff done

I haven't done much work on my quilt, I haven't done much work in the garden, I haven't taken many photos, I haven't done much work refinishing the wardrobe for the kids room, I haven't done much exercise but I have spent some time browsing blogs and being amazed at how productive other mums are.
How do you do it?
My days aren't manic but there's a steady hum of activity that goes right through to the late evening and then I roll into bed with several things still undone and it all starts again the next morning.
I enjoy the time I get to spend with the kids now but I look forward to the days when I can immerse myself in a project and spend hours baking and decorating. How's this for eye candy?


Mary said…
I never ever ever get everything done each day that I should.

The Coffee Lady said…
Oh I can't stand bloggers sometimes, they bake something complex, make a new quilt in between sewing a new outfit, blowing some glass and then do something edifying and fun with their 18 children, before mentioning what a lazy and lovely day it was
The Coffee Lady said…
also they manage to construct whole sentences without losing the grammatical structure like what I just did
Frogdancer said…
I think you and I are living the same type of life.

I SO can't wait for the holidays so I can catch up. (I'm sure my sewing machine will have cobwebs on him. Which is possibly just what he deserves.)
Eleanor said…
I have a theory about those "productive" mums, and I'm proven right each and every time...there is always someone behind the scenes.

Scratch the surface and you'll find an energetic grandma with no life of her own, babysitter, cleaner, nanny, husband who doesn't need to work etc who is helping out so that the mum can "do stuff." Either that, or something/someone in that family is suffering for the sake of a beautifully iced cake or a genius quilt.

I don't believe in those sorts of fairytales, but I do believe in YOUR fairytale family dear duyvken. Your family ROCKS!!!
I'm excellent at pottering about ....and proud of it . And besides , someone has to have the time to read these blogs !

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