Yoyo Quilt

I finished the yoyo quilt just in time for the school's fundraiser on Saturday night. It would have looked better more heavily quilted but I just ran out of time. I am very happy with how it turned out and the quilt I am now making for JW will be very similar (almost all the yoyos are exactly the same as the ones on this quilt). I am using a cream fabric instead of white for the background so it will look a little different once it's done.
Gosh it feels good to post about a completed project!


It's just lovely. I look forward to seeing the next one!
Eleanor said…
Well done!!!!!!1
sophie said…
wow!! so pretty!
Mary said…
It is stunning!

I might have quilt lust I think..
Tuli said…
eurolush said…

Congratulations on creating such a stunning quilt.

Can't wait to hear about the school fundraiser...will it be a quilt auction?
Well , they'll raise a fortune with this quilt alone ! Well done .it's lovely !
BabelBabe said…
that is GORGEOUS.
Cascade Lily said…
Well done on your finish!
I just love this quilt! Did you do the colour wheel yourself or usr a patten?
Can't wait to see your DD's xox
Belinda said…
it looks fabulous. Did you end up doing a running stitch or blind stitching them down?
Limecat said…
That's VERY pretty.

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