Craft Room

I am looking forward to the next Craft Room meeting on Wednesday and, having finished the quilt I made for G's school's fundraiser (woohoo!) I did some work on the piece I am going to take with me. It will be the centre panel of a medallion quilt. Hopefully, I'll have the applique finished and I will be able to spend the evening stitching down yoyos. That doesn't require much concentration so I should be able to chat, eat and take photos as well.
I can't wait! I wonder who it's for?


Eleanor said…
That is so so precious!
Mary said…
I really think you have a wonderful eye for this work - your colour schemes are so fresh and pretty!
Just lovely. I love the personalised touch.
Have no idea who JW is but it looks fantastic! Great job xox
thetwowindmills said…
I love the colour wheel! It looks great. I look forward to seeing it in the flesh at The Craft Room.
Corrie said…
oh I love it! is it a pattern or did you make it up yourself! its so lovely and sweet!

well done! must get back into my quilting just been so busy trying to get winter clothes for my 3! it was so much easier to make things for just 1 little person!


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