Best Mother's Day Ever

I got so many beautifully home-made cards, notes and pictures and this great book (picture swiped from Anna Walker's website). We were going to go riding in Centennial Park but the weather was a little iffy so we stayed put and pottered around instead. I loved it.

Sadly, I have no photos to share because the drive we stored all our photos on (yes, all our photos) is having a few issues. Luckily, we had recently backed up everything onto Mr Duyvken's work computer but it looks like we've lost our photos for April. That's not so bad, I hear you say, and you're probably right but JW's 1st birthday was in April. I'm tempted to do a re-enactment in the style Australia's Most Wanted so that when she is a teen she can't claim we cared so little for her we didn't even celebrate her first birthday. I'm not kidding, I am seriously tempted. How sad is that?

I hope we can get the media drive and all the related programmes up and running again soon because I am missing sharing my photos with you and the memory card in the camera will be full soon.


Anonymous said…
There are lots of clever people out there who know just how to find photos on a dodgy drive. I'm sure someone can find those birthday photos. Once you get them upload to flickr (that's safe, right?)
The Coffee Lady said…
I lost months worth of photos last year; a tragedy. I've learnt the hard way about backing up.

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