G made herself a lovely cup of jasmine green tea after lunch today with a handful of pink jellybeans on the side. The cup of tea is so grown up but the jellybeans give her away her age, don't you think? She sipped and nibbled while we played High School Musical Top Trumps and the younger ones napped.
I hope I earned some serious mama karma points, Top Trumps is stultifying.


Eleanor said…
Ouch...I just got a very painful flashback to my Top Trumps days. My son's favourite was a Superhero one, ouch!

I must say, though, he never made himself a cup of jasmine tea.

P.S. Is G the one in the picture with the glasses? So cute.
The Coffee Lady said…
If HSM wasn't stultifying enough... a game?
M said…
Don't you just love wet afternoons! Jasmine tea with jellybeans indeed, how lovely.

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