Just so you know I seem to have a thing about feet.
Although you come here regularly and look at my blog header so maybe you know that already. I hadn't realised it until this morning when I was putting some photos I've taken of my nieces and nephews on a disk for my sister-in-law. Scattered among the expected photos of people smiling, children playing and life's milestones I have photos of bare baby feet, baby feet wearing socks, toddler feet splashing in puddles, kid-sized feet covered in sand at the beach, photos of my feet in new shoes/old shoes/much-loved shoes and lots of photos like the one above.
It was taken in Dec when we were up north visiting Mr Duyvken's parents and all the grandchildren were waiting for their turn to ride in the tractor with Papa. C and a couple of the other young grandchildren were unsure about having a ride themselves but they loved watching the older ones take their turn wearing the ear muffs and riding circles around the paddock. She planted her feet on this spot and stood for almost half an hour watching, considering and then quietly shaking her head 'no' when asked if she wanted to have a turn. And this is all brought back for me so clearly just by looking at these pink sandals on the grass.
On a less sentimental note I also like the composition, colour and light.
Do you also have photos that bring things back clearly for you?


The Coffee Lady said…
It helps if you are photographing good shoes! I have a picture of the Little Lattes standing in the frosty grass with their backs to me which is one of the only photos I have of the second half of 2007 because my laptop crashed and I foolishly hadn't backed up. This picture I still have solely because I blogged it! It was one of my favourite memories of that winter, and I was so, so very glad I had shared it.
M said…
Given that my blog symbol is a pair of shoes it appears we share the same inclination.

I decline to say obsession because I don't feel I have a shoe obsession but photos of shoes do tell a tale I think.

It harks back to the saying that you can judge someone by their shoes.

Judge is a bit harsh but I certainly think shoes tell stories.
eurolush said…
I can just "see" the apprehension in those firmly footed sandals.

Very cute!

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