Report Cards

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Written by the big sister.


M :

Just like a certain big sister in this house.

Cascade Lily :

So this is what I have to look forward to! LOL

BabelBabe :

that's hilarious.

Michelle :

this is like confession in reverse. LOL

The Coffee Lady :

It's good to keep score

SmitoniusAndSonata :

Sibling rivalry is character-building !

eurolush :

How funny! That list will be so great to show them one day when they're older. They'll love it.

PS-My parents still have my oldest sister's M's grievance list from when she was about 7. She was always so frustrated with her younger sister (my sister B) that my parents asked her, finally, to write down what it was that was bothering her. In her very lengthy list, documenting every instance of wrongdoing she could, she included this gem:

"Also, B cut one and didn't say excuse me."

We all still laugh at that.

Kellie :

Siblings! This could be written in my house most every day!!! :) Still love eachother though!

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