Gastro Cures

2 of the kids are sick with gastro this week and I have been busy tending to them, reading to them, stroking their hot little faces and doing endless loads of laundry. Speaking of which, I heart Canestan Hygiene Rinse.

There hasn't been time to do much else and they haven't wanted to have me far from them so I got them to help me cut up a cereal box to make yoyo templates, pick some fabrics and while they were busy with that I cut out a bunch of circles and spent the rest of the day sitting with them sewing them up. They're so quick and easy! I'm imagining all kinds of fun things I can do with them. I know when I google it later all kinds of goodies are going to pop up but the first project will be 2 cot quilts embellished with rainbow coloured yoyos. One will be going in the silent auction at the school's fundraising night and I figured I might as well double up when I was cutting out the circles earlier.

Apologies for the awful photo, I seemed to have managed to not get anything in focus :-)


Eleanor said…
You are amazing.
M said…
What a great idea for the silent auction!

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