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I left Mr Duyvken with the bathroom renovations and 4 children to care for today and went to Kim's to meet up with some other Sydney bloggers. Eleanor, Mary, Kim and I sat on Kim's new deck (which she's blogged about), played with her lovely boys (who she's blogged about), ate Eleanor's daughters wonderful cupcakes (has she blogged about Miss Commentboxer's amazing baking?), saw Mary take photos (blogged), listened to her fantastic voice (not blogged about but definitely noteworthy), walked to the beach (blogged) and caught up on everyone's news (blogged). It was delightful. Truly delightful.

I walked down the sand and got my feet wet when we were at the beach. It's one of my rules, I'm afraid, I simply cannot go to the beach and not get my feet wet. Even if it's freezing I have to crunch through the sand down to the water's edge and let the Pacific lap at my toes. The sea air is one of my favourite things and I would find it difficult to live inland and to be without it. I've always lived in coastal cities, like most Australians I am a fringe dweller and being close to the sea makes me feel right. I know I am in the right place when I can hear the ocean and smell the salty air. Being with the bloggers today also felt 'right', so thank you to the three of you.

Speaking of the bathroom renovation, here are some photos that show you the progress so far. The end of day 5 looks like this -

- the bath isn't usable yet it just has water in it to help it set in place properly but hopefully we'll be able to bathe in there again soon. We've been bathing at the kitchen sink or going to mum's for a shower and the novelty can only last til the end of the week, surely? Mr Duyvken's back at work on Monday so this bathroom reno may become a regular feature. Watch this space!

While Mr Duyvken's been busy inside I've been working on the garden. Acmena smithii minor ready to be planted as a hedge along the western fence. Hopefully, it won't be waiting too long!


Eleanor said…
Fabulous day with you!!

Now..that bathroom looks very neat and professional to me...I'm in AWE of Mr. Duyvken. He really IS an Ironman.

Oh, and "Acmena Smithii Minor" is the best name EVER. Your hedge's name sounds like a little girl I met once at Miss Commentbox's ballet class about 14 years ago. Her mother (Acmena Major) would curl Acmena Minor's hair and apply blush and say "Now Acmena, remember that Miss Bella placed you centre stage for a reason. You are the VERY VERY BEST little dancer here, so go and make Mama proud." Then, just as Acmena Minor was about to go on stage, Acmena Major would hiss "And don't forget to SMILE. SMILE."

Stomper Girl said…
Four kids and no bathroom in the heat? You deserve a medal.

Your blogmeet sounds great fun. I've met Mary and you are so right about her having a fantastic voice!
Lovely to have a blog get-together and realise that all that blogging is just an unfinished conversation between friends.
It was so lovely to meet you Amelia...

And I too am very impressed by Mr D's skills.

Although I do hope that you are able to use it sooner rather than later...

You are SO much more patient than I could be!
eurolush said…
Well, Duyvken, I feel as though I've had a very well-rounded look into your outing yesterday.

I've already stopped by Mary's, Eleanor's, and Kim's places for a visit. Now I'm here with you...and the circle is complete!

Sounds like a great meet-up. You four are quite the team. Thanks for allowing me to feel as though I was there, too.

So glad you all had a fun day at the beach. You've no idea how my heart pangs when I think of warm sunshine and crashing waves...The frozen German countryside just can't compete. Sigh.

PS-Even in its rennovated state, I can already tell the bathroom will be gorgeous when it's finished! Please tell Mr. Duyvken we're all very impressed!
h&b said…
Hey - that's one fancy-pants bath - I love it !!!

You forgot Mary's wonderful laugh ;)

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