Omas are everywhere

I am pleased to say that it looks like the couch is going to be OK. I finally got hold of mum and found out that C had taken mum's crossword pen and done a little decoration on the new cushion covers. Mum tried to clean it up and ended up leaving a water and preen stain on them that is bigger than the mark she was trying to get off. Mum was quite annoyed that my sister had told me about it because she wasn't worried at all. I took the covers up to the dry-cleaners and am hoping that when I pick them up tomorrow they'll be all stain free!
Mary and Eurolush commented after my last post that they both also have Oma's in their families. My mother-in-law is dutch so it was a natural thing for our kids to call her Oma but my mum was hoping for Grandma. G has always been a very definite person and she quickly realised that the relationship was the same and Grandma was too damn hard to say so she called them both Oma. When we needed to clarify which Oma she was talking about she'd say 'Papa's Oma' or 'Bumpa's Oma' depending on which grandfather the Oma in question belonged to.
He was going for Grandpa but that wasn't so easy to say either and, like I said, G is pretty determined once she sets her mind to something.


Jasper calls Chef's dad Bampa and no matter the correcting by Nana or anyone else it has steadfastly remained Bampa. So now we all call him Bampa and my dad (who was Grampy) is now Bampy.


At least she didn't do it with a Sharpie.
That's so funny that grandpa became bumpa, because my niece used to call my mum bumma, instead of grandma. It never impressed my mum so we tried to encourage it. She eventually grew out of - probably because my mum was doing extensive coaching.
eurolush said…
Hurray for Omas!

Especially ones who are so kind and sweet as to not mind extra "decorations" on their newly upholstered furniture.)

Hope it comes back stain-free!
eurolush said…
Hooray for Omas!

Spelling. Not a strong point for me, I guess.

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