I miss showers

Bathroom renovation day 17

Yes, you read that correctly.

Day 17.

We've gone a little over our 4 day estimate.


We can use the bath!

If we are very careful not to splash because the walls are still bare and while some of the floor tiles have been laid they haven't been grouted in yet.

So, we're treading lightly on the tiles, bathing carefully and dreaming about showers.

I know it's a very first world complaint but I do miss being able to have a shower.

My in-law's 40th wedding celebrations mean we won't get any work done this weekend so that takes us into February but it can't take too much longer.


None of the children have shown any sign of being scared by the big hole in the floor where the shower drain will be. I was expecting they'd be nervous about it but they haven't mentioned it at all. I daren't mention it either just in case but I am very impressed with them.


Hang in there - this will all be a memory soon enough!
h&b said…
We were quoted 3weeks by everyone, so good luck !! :)

However, this room has never been a bathroom before, so perhaps that adds extra time into the mix ? ( waterproofing membrane and the like ? )

I will have to search your blog for more info ( is there a pic of the finished dream bathroom for me to perve at ? :)

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