I got this email from my sister this morning -

"I’m glad having fun with Oma and me was the highlight of C's day yesterday! She is so lovely.
I don’t suppose she mentioned the couch . . ."

No, C didn't mention the couch. I assume my sister means the couch that my mum just had reupholstered and I am very worried about what she might mean. C was in her cossie, was a little damp from the pool, is almost toilet trained and is very curious. Which adds up to great potential for trouble, don't you think? So now I want to know what happened to the couch?

Mum is out, my sister hasn't yet answered my email asking for details and I don't want to think about what might have happened but I am thinking about it anyway.

I'll keep you posted!


Oma? I had an Oma - my father was Dutch...
eurolush said…
My mother is "Omi" to her grandchildren. She couldn't bear being called Grandma.

The couch...I'm curious...but also a little worried.

Could it be like the time my then 3year old daughter drew polka-dots in black marker all over my parents' upholstered wing chair, for "decoration?" (It's never been re-covered...I think they actually grew to like it. *Or so she tells herself.*)

I guess we'll see...
Anonymous said…
Oooops. Stuff happens, even on new upholstery.

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