The chaos of 4 children - 1 bike, 1 scooter, 1 double stroller, 1 toddler who insists on walking, 3 ice-cream cones - can make me wonder why I leave the house at all but I had a lovely outing with them all last night. After an early dinner I took them to the beach for ice-cream and seashell collecting.

The kite surfers were making the most of the strong winds and gentle waves and we watched them skip over the water as the sun set. We left just as the last tips of pink were leaving the sky.



Eleanor said…
And you took photos for us too!

Thanks Duyvken.
Just looking at it is blissful.
eurolush said…
What a beautiful place to end the day. I can just hear the sound of the waves crashing over here in Germany...
We obviously had the same idea! It was such a lovely idea but the meltdowns about people busting others sandcastles, about going home, about not going out too far, about about about made me wonder what the hell we were thinking.

Did you come down our way? The kite surfers were out at Collaroy and Narrabeen too.
Blessed and bliss indeed...
azpeitia said…
I am writing to you from Spain, and see such wonderful photos of your country.
At the same time I read your adventures ... an embrace from Spain of .... azpeitia

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