J's 4th birthday is just around the corner so we're gearing up for a very yellow weekend! The invitations above were sent out a week ago and I had some fun in the party section of the Hot Dollar Store yesterday. They have a huge selection of coloured plates, napkins, straws, table covers, etc. I was in heaven! I hadn't been in there before because it is not stroller friendly but now that I have been in and seen the narrow aisles, overstacked shelves and lot's of shiny, glittery, sparkly, kitschy stock I don't think it would be a good idea to take the kids in even when they are walking! Mum was with me yesterday so she stayed with J, C and JW outside while I went in. As usual, she looked a little disappointed when I returned - she loves pushing the stroller around telling then anyone who'll listen that they're her grandchidren.
The forecast is for sunny skies so it should be a fun weekend!


Cascade Lily said…
Well done to Greg! And wow that yellow party is going to be HAPPY! Happy b'day Mr J :)
M said…
Oh yellow! My son's favourite colour. He'd love all that party stuff.
I know precisely how your mother feels . I drag my grandson into evey conversation I can . See I'm doing it again !

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