Well done Greg!

Mr Duyvken competed the Ironman Australia race in Busselton yesterday and finished in a time of 10hrs 43mins. Pretty impressive given how little training he has managed to fit in over the last few months. I am simultaneously dismayed and impressed at how fit and healthy he is. My fitness level went through the floor during the last 2 pregnancies and it is not fun getting it back. It is not fun at all.
But that's about me and this post is about Greg so I really should get back to that. Way to go Mr Duyvken. You are an Ironman! (Again).


Eleanor said…
Woo hoo!!!!!!!!

Well done Mr. Duyvken. Unbelievable.

I'll tell my brother...he's on the plane back home now.

P.S. Cheers for Mr. Duyvken's support crew as well. Mrs. D, G, J, C and of course the formidable JW.
M said…
Well done mr Duyvken!Iron Man tris are a huge achievement. Next stop, Hawaii?

Busselton is where I spent my summer holidays as a child. And where I taught poor unsuspecting five-year-olds to swim, at the beach!
blackbird said…

(totally NOT discussing fitness levels)
Totally intimidated.

Must lose 100kgs before meeting MrD.
What kim said!

And congratulations to Mr D..

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