So, what do we eat for dinner?

When people discover that we are vegetarian the first question they ask is, invariably, 'what do you eat?'. This always puzzles me because I don't know a single meat eater who doesn't also include vegetables, fruits and grains in their diets. On reflection I think they are picturing their evening meal without the meat and realising that it just wouldn't be enough to sustain them. So, I thought I would do a post every now and again about what we've been eating. They'll just be everyday dinners but they'll help me to document what my little family is eating and it might help to answer this question for those of you out there who may also have wondered what your vegetarian friends sit down to night after night.

Spinach and roasted kumera salad with caramelised balsamic vinaigrette

Ingredients: kumera, baby spinach leaves, alfalfa sprouts, goat's milk feta, pine nuts and mung beans sprouts.


Eleanor said…

I meant to ask you if you have vego recipes to recommend so this posting idea is brilliant. Thanks Duyvken!
Michelle said…
I'm going to sound like a total American, but what is Kumera?
Michelle said…
and please do tell me how you prepare it. :) it looks yum.
Yes you see if you insist on posting delicious photos of delicious food you will find people like Michelle and me asking for recipes.

All though this one I can cope with on my own...!
eurolush said…

That looks amazing.

What a lucky family you have.

We had pizza tonight.

Eleanor said…
What's cooking tonight?


I'm waiting......

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