On meeting bloggers

Eleanorfromthecommentbox and Kim from Allconsuming came over on Tuesday morning for tea and I had so much fun. I had been really looking forward to it because they are such delightful women online and I hoped that we would all hit it off in person as well.
Eleanor arrived first and was immediately swamped by children eager to meet the newcomer. C did all her best daredevil stunts like running down the uneven paths at breakneck speed but somehow managing to stay upright, J coerced her into playing basketball and then t-ball and then JW was due for a feed so Eleanor volunteered/insisted/grabbed the baby and enjoyed some snuggles.

She was a very gracious guest and didn't seem to mind too much that I was still putting food on plates, making coffee and wrangling children. We ate and chatted, and chatted some more and then Kim arrived with her youngest two boys. She was late because she had been baking.
Who else do you know would get up early enough to get 2 boys to separate schools, bake and ice animal-shaped biscuits for the kids and bake a chocolate gingerbread cake for the grown-ups?

Surely Kim stand alone in her awesomeness. (Sorry, I may have seen Kung Fu Panda one too many times.)

The cake was incredible! Eleanor and I quickly put etiquette aside and got stuck in.

Eleanor brought with her some delicious bagels. I was quite taken with the bagels. I know this because when I looked at the photos later I realised that I had one photo of Eleanor, no photos of Kim and 4 photos of bagels.

Sad but true...

You'll be happy to know that I can report that the bagels were delicious.

I realised after they had both left that I had some many questions that I hadn't asked;
What is that picture in Eleanor's blog banner?
How did she meet her husband (of whom she speaks so lovingly) and what is the love story that they brought them together at such a tender age?
What is Kim cooking for Christmas? I bet it's going to be good.
What does she want to do with all her wonderfully laconic writings?
How do they keep their skin looking so good?
Yes I know that is shallow but you should see them. They're incredible!

Thanks to you both, I had a very fun morning and I look forward to doing it all again soon.


Eleanor said…
Oh, Duyvken, thank you...I had the best time with you and Kim and the kidlets.

I totally agree with you about the awesomeness of Kim. I also see much awesomeness in you! I also wonder what Kim will be cooking for Christmas, and I also wait impatiently for Kim's writing to be discovered by the general public (whish is bound to happen eventually!).

Regarding the questions about me....ummm...the banner is my daughter's artwork from school a couple of years ago. It's a multi-media play on the theme of "the individual vs society" and I love it. It hangs on the wall in my kitchen.

The story about Mr. Commentbox...hehehe....I shall save it for our next get-together... it involves a girlfriend, a jealous boyfriend, two Russian grandmothers and a house in Bondi Beach.

The skin, really? You are funny! Cetaphil cleanser and daily sunlotion.

P.S. My brother's here until Sunday, quick visit!
M said…
Sounds like you had a great morning! Really, I have never heard of a bad blogmeet - so we really must be able to get a good sense from someone's writing.

The bagels do look good!
Cascade Lily said…
How FUN. And LOL at your photos. Where is the photo of the gingerbread chocolate cake? LOL.

And recipe? Yum. Might have to go stalk Kim's blog...
It sounds delicious and lovely.

As M said there does not seem to such a thing as a bad blogmeet!

It was just lovely wasn't it.

And I would only be awesome if I had done those things AND arrived on time.

I secretly hope I look as fabulous as Eleanor when my kids are late teens...


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