It's dinner time

Eleanor prompted me to post about dinner again. We happen to be having a celebratory dinner tonight because G will be receiving a special award at her school mass and presentation night tonight. She doesn't know that she's getting the award but her teacher rang to tell me a week ago so I have organised for her godparents to join us for dinner and my mum will also come along. I am looking forward to seeing her at the presentation. I know she will be so surprised and delighted at receiving the prize and then bringing her home to a little celebration in her honour will make her glow with pride.

The prize is given to a child in each class who has best lived by the rules and mission statement of the school during the year and who has also performed well academically. The school rules are very simple -

Care for others
Care for self
Care for the place we are in -

they are easy for the children to remember and are very straightforward but not necessarily easy to live by. I could go on and on about G and all the wonderful things about her but it should suffice to simply say that I am very proud of her and I am thrilled for her that she is being recognised in this way.

So, what could I make that would celebrate this special girl? I had to be able to make it during the day when the little ones were napping and then be able to heat it up and serve it shortyl after getting home from mass. I had a pumpkin sitting on the counter and some lovely fresh herbs from the markets so I decided to make a pumpkin and sage lasagne with steamed greens.
Michelle requested the recipe for the salad so I will do a recipe post soon. Right now I need to feed and bathe the younger ones before we leave and the clock is ticking!


Eleanor said…
I had a feeling it would be something especially delicious tonight!

Congratulations to G and the whole family. What a wonderful young lady (and a wonderful school too).

(Oh, and what a mum!!)
Congratulations G.

That lasagne sounds gorgeous...

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