We always have cherries at Christmas. We never buy them at any other time of the season but on Christmas day mum's best silver bowl comes out and is filled with cherries. Every year I think I should buy them more often because they are so delicious but I never do. So this is what Dec 25 tastes like to me.

A stylist would have removed the can of diet coke and the recorder but that would leave you thinking that Christmas day was much more high brow than it actually is. Soft drink was the beverage of choice and the squeal of recorders was the soundtrack for the day. I wouldn't want to mislead you, dear reader.


Eleanor said…
You know those yellow banana lollies....they are my favourites. I like to eat at them at the movies, with some of those milk bottles and the strawberries n cream lollies too.

P.S. Ah...the dulcet tone of the recorder....ah, the memories.
Michelle said…
ah cherries. I find it so cool that something that is a quintessential summer fruit is part of your Christmas. I think one time I would love to celebrate Christmas in summer not winter. I wonder if my mind would have a hard time gettin around that?
blackbird said…
I don't mind the Coke and recorder - all red! And I like that cherries have, sort of, accidentally become the thing that Christmas takes like.

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