Tagged - 6 then 6

I've been tagged my Blackbird to do a picture meme and these are the rules:
* Go to your Sixth Picture Folder then pick your Sixth Picture.
* Pray that you remember the details.
* Tag 5 others.
The 6th folder in my photos file is 2006 and the 6th folder there is July06. There are plenty of photos of the kids and my godchildren but also plenty of pictures like this one. What a memory trip! I had completely forgotten about this. Let me explain.
My darling husband has more than a passing interest in bikes and cycling. He commutes to work (22kms each way), goes riding on weekends with friends, does track racing through the winter, moutain bikes when he can and loves triathlon and Ironman racing. This picture that he lovingly set up (that's our white doona the bike is sitting on top of - clearly I was out of the room when he did that!!) and took is of my old road bike. He took it apart, resprayed and rebuilt it so that he could have a single speed bike. He even had custom bike stickers made for it that read 'one less car' and 'singleton'. It was a project that I never really understood but then when I think about it some of my favourite hobbies don't make much sense either. eg patchwork quilting - why cut a piece of perfectly good fabric into little pieces and then sew it all back together again?
So, if you are ever reading my blog and think 'there's something not quite right about that woman' rest assured that I am not alone.
Now, who to tag? I don't want to leave anyone out but neither do I want to impose a task on someone that they have no interest in doing so let's do it this way. If you are reading and want to play along please do! I'd love to see where your 6 then 6 takes you.


blackbird said…
I think it's kind of quirky/cool that he did that to the bike...thanks for playing!

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