Names and Numbers

When you stay at Bloomfield Wilderness Lodge you fly in from Cairns on a scarily small plane.

There are so few guests, you really feel that you have the whole place to yourself and the horizons are breathtaking in every direction - ocean, river, reef, rainforest, wilderness.

See how beautiful this is? And how remote? And how small? Can you even spot it in this picture below?

We had an amazing honeymoon. Amazing. We didn't live together before we were married. We didn't even have 'sleepovers' so being suddenly immersed in one another was astonishing and wonderful. I have such fond memories of those first few days of marriage. And having this backdrop for those memories makes them feel vast and timeless and cinematic.
We have never been back but I know that I will always love this little part of Far North Queensland. I don't think I need to capitalise far and north but it feels better so Far and North they will stay and I will Always Remember that.

We decided when we were still on our honeymoon that when we owned our own home we would name it 'Bloomfield' after our wonderful surroundings. All these years of renting and saving and plotting and then, finally, searching and negotiating and purchasing and we still want to name our home (which is terribly gauche) and we still want to name it Bloomfield.
I haven't spent much time on it but in the 12mths we have been living here I have kept my eyes open for name plaques and signs and I think I have a couple of genuine contenders.

Any thoughts?
*Enamel numbers from
Enamel name plate from
Stainless steel numbers and letters from


blackbird said…
I love those old enamel numbers - but SORRY, can't focus on them! Am too busy drooling over those pictures!
Thanks for popping over to my blog. Your photos are beautiful!
Cascade Lily said…
sigh...a beach holiday sans kids sounds so idyllic right now!

So sorry to hear the pox was visited upon your place! HOpe it's left the building now.

Those BB&T ornaments are lovely :)

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