Morning Coffee

Since having JW I have gotten into the habit of getting a coffee in the mornings on the way home from dropping G at school. It's become a nice little routine and the people at the local bakery know my coffee order and always take a few seconds to chat to J and C which they adore.

Note to self - always take time to chat to little ones, it gives them such a thrill.

It's an indulgence I am making the most of because I have a rigorous budget planned for 2009 and 5 coffees a week isn't going to make the cut!

One of my strange little quirks is that when I get home I transfer the coffee into a mug with a thin rim before I drink it. The bakery has the prettiest plastic cups though, I'd love a runner for the hallway in this pattern. How kooky would I look taking it with me to the local rug shops to see if they can match it up for me?

And Blackbird has tagged me so that will be tomorrow's post. I am delighted to be tagged and look forward to looking through the photo file to see where the 6 then 6 takes me. Thank you dear Blackbird!


blackbird said…
That IS an awfully pretty paper cup!

Email me when your post is up so I don't forget...

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