Blatant theft or sharing the love?
You decide.

1. Political Show - Insiders. Barry Cassidy is a bit irritating but it's very informative.
2. Picnic food - cheeses, crackers, fruit. I never quite know what to do when I am packing a picnic, other people are much better at it than I am.
3. Vodka, fresh lime, sugar syrup, soda water. YUM!
4. US president -I decided to make this a question about Australian prime ministers instead for obvious reasons :-) I'll say Harold Holt, his term was certainly memorable!
5. Kind of student to teach - enthusiastic, shy, and well-meaning. I like to think I'd be good with kids who need a lot of help but I don't think I would be.
6. Hobby you do or wish you still did - quilting falls into both those categories. I also am looking forward to taking up baking again. Our oven doesn't hold a steady temp so anything other than a basic slice is asking too much. I miss baking cupcakes!
7. Sports commentator - Murray Walker. I love watching F1 and he was always my fave. He could mix metaphors better than most!
8. Sport to watch on tv - F1 and tour de france. Greg adores cycling and watching the tour together each year is a lot of fun. I enjoy the scenery (which is breathtaking) more than the actual cycling but each year I get a little more into it.
9. Animal to have as a pet. Surely I have enough children to excuse me from pet ownership but if I have to pick something I'll say dog.
10. Halloween costume you have worn - I am sure my mum dressed us up beautifully when we lived in the US but I was so small I don't really remember. Sorry mum!
11. Kind of dessert - now this is my kind of question. I am a baked cheesecake girl. End of story. If that is on the menu I don't bother reading any further. I also love tart au citron and choux pastry stuffed with creme patissiere. I love it, love it, love it.
12. Comic strip - no idea.
13. Style or make of footwear - love shoes but don't tend to buy them. That said, stick glitter on something and I find it hard to resist. My feet would fit right in up on the Gold Coast.
14. Ice-cream flavour - vanilla. I'm so exciting.
15. College or university president - um, no. Going to uni was about all I could manage :-)
16. Internet news source - I love
17. Vacation spot - I'd go to Paris in a heartbeat, the US to see my sister and sister-in-law and their beautiful girls
18. Wine - I'm not a drinker at the best of times but wine is really not my thing.
19. Way to waste time instead of working - BLOGGING
20. Student excuse for late work - I really don't remember, wish I could, I am sure it was hopeless!
21. Reality show - home makeover programs. I would never leave the couch if we had the Lifestyle channel
22. Jewellery on a man - each to their own. Getting het up about how other people choose to adorn themselves would be such a waste of energy. I'm not a fan of looking for things to complain about.
23. Pizza topping - I don't like pizza. I am the only person I know who doesn't like it. Please tell me I am not alone!
24. Children's movie - current favourite would be Bee Movie. It's so delightful. And Princess Bride is always in my top 10.
25. Celebrity you wish would retire - just one? Shortlist would be Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks and Renee Zellwegger (yes, I know she's in Bee Movie. I'm allowed to be contrary!).... for some reason I can't suspend disbelief when watching films they are in and therefore don't really enjoy them as much. Surely, they've all made enough cash to see them through a nice, comfy retirement?


I don't like pizza either - can't explain why but I just don't!

I made a home made base the other day and that was a revelation - I almost liked that!
eurolush said…
Princess Bride is in MY top ten, too! Also think Renee should retire! Love home-makeover programs! Wish I still quilted! Love cheeses, crackers and fruit for picnic food! Waste time blogging!


I think we may be related.

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