The House of Pox

There hasn't been much spare time in the past few weeks for doing things that are blogworthy, or even time to blog for that matter.
J came down with a very mild case of chicken pox (mild thanks to the vaccination he had at 18mths) and then JW caught it too. She had not yet had the vaccination and she had it quite badly. The poor little thing was not happy with all the itching and the fevers.
Mama wasn't happy either.
Then, everyone else came down with the flu.
Which is excellent, of course.
I know you're all jealous.
When I downloaded the photos from the past couple of weeks I noticed that they all had a quiet, solitary look to them which captures the mood well.
The pear photo was taken when I was tiptoeing around feverishly sleeping children and trying not to fret.
I should have just succumbed, I am excellent at fretting.
I know, it's a gift.
So, here's to a summer of good health for my family and for yours.


Eleanor said…
Oh my goodness! I hope that all the Duyvkens recover quickly.
Michelle said…
Oh no!! I hope everyone is feeling better soon. yucky pox. yucky yucky pox.
blackbird said…
It's a lovely picture - but I do hope everyone is on the mend!
While the last round of chickenpox in this house was years ago, you and I must have tag-teamed because I do believe your ill run followed hard on the heals of ours.

Those stars are gorgeous - BB&T always have lovely Christmas decorations.

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