I have not been making much progress with my new niece's quilt. Each day I wake determined to spend a little time on it and each night I go to bed certain that tomorrow will have a little room in it for quilt making.
Which proves once and for all that I am an optimist.
I have had my sewing machine sitting on the table for a couple of weeks just waiting for the right moment but it has not yet arrived. It is constantly in the way of homework, dinner, breakfast, and crafting but I can't bring myself to put it back in the cupboard because that would be admitting defeat.

Seeing it all set up and ready to sew when I turn the lights out each evening makes me think of the fairy tale, The Shoemaker and the Elves. I can imagine the shoemaker's weariness each night as he falls asleep knowing how much work is waiting for him and his delight each morning when he sees the beautiful shoes all cobbled and ready to go. I half hope that one morning I will come out to find the quilt top all pieced and sandwiched and ready to be quilted. No luck so far but hopefully my real life little elves will entertain themselves well this weekend I will find the time and the energy to get it finished.


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