Almost 4!

Someone special will be turning 4 soon. He has been so patient all year waiting for his birthday and is thrilled that his turn has finally come around. We're compiling a bunch of his favourite yellow photos to use as an invitation and are planning some games we will play when his cousins and friends come over to celebrate. According to the birthday boy Duck Duck Goose is 'a must'.

We're also planning that all the guests will get a sunflower to take home. J has been caring for this one for the past month and is very proud of how well it is doing.


M said…
Yellow! My boy loves yellow, always has. An (alternative) colourist named Angel once visited my house and declared that she could tell his favourite colour was yellow and that he is a "crystal child" whatever that means.

Happy birthday, soon, Mr 4.
Anonymous said…
Happy birthdy ato your little guy.

What dedication to grow all those sunflowers!

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