I love these slot-together little tables or stools. I saw them at the Powerhouse and then again in My Home magazine so I thought I'd look them up. I about fell over when I read the price. I mean, honestly, have a look at them and play a little guessing game. How much would you expect to pay? They come flat-packed, you slot them together and they're made from plantation pine.

So, what did you guess?

I thought I would pay about $120 for one of these and I thought I was over-estimating how much it would cost. You know, when you really like something and try to trick yourself into thinking it's a bargain and it's therefore easy to justify purchasing it.

That didn't work this time.

They cost $350.


Oh my.

They claim that this is collectable artwork that also functions as furniture.

That tricky word 'artwork' probably jacks the price up quite a bit.

Because normally I hear 'pine' and flat-pack' and I start thinking IKEA.

I'll just have to admire from afar.

Maybe, you'll be lucky enough to do more than that!


Michelle said…

Wait about 6 months and I bet you're sure to find a knock-off.

Or have handy G make you one. ;)

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