I should be quilting...

...because my new niece or nephew is due in a week and a half and the quilt top is still not finished. In true Duyvken style it is almost finished but just not done. Oh my, when will I learn!
I was going to get it out tonight, set the sewing machine up on the dining table and finish it but Mr Duyvken started on the great late night lasagne bake up of 2008 and had crumbed and fried a couple of eggplants before he realised that we were out of tomatoes so, being the excellent wife that I am, I drove to the supermarket to stock up. It's 10pm and the lasagne has only just gone into the oven.
It's going to be a late night!


Michelle said…
Hang in there friend! Lasagna and quilts are a winning combination!


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