Cluck cluck cluck

Just a quick post because I had to share the news that I have a beautiful new niece. She's all shiny and new and doing very well over in Atlanta, GA, USA.
Welcome to the world, Katherine, your aunty Duyvken promises to drag her sewing stuff out of the cupboard to finish your quilt very soon!


How funny - my brother's wife gave birth to a little girl this week - Edie May ... and they live far away too...

Congratulations to you all..
Michelle said…
Congrats!!! I shall send good wishes down the East coast straight to them. :)

BTW, what are they doing in Atlanta? Did I know that?
eurolush said…
Congratulations on your new niece! What a beautiful name.

And we can't forget--she was born in the ATL--Atlanta, summer stomping grounds!


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