Happy Birthday

G turned 8 on Saturday and had 8 friends over to celebrate. It was the easiest party we've ever had. The girls all played together in the yard only breaking from their games to eat and to sing happy birthday. She's a very special girl and it was lovely to see the bunch of friends she has found at school, they are all like various parts of her personality, some quirky, some quiet, some bookish, some sporty, but I don't think any are quite as eccentric as she is. I know all parents think this of their children but she's definitely one of a kind!
We didn't need any organised games this year, although I did have a couple up my sleeve just in case, but they loved icing and decorating their own cupcakes. I think they would have iced dozens more if I had had them!
One of her friends (my goddaughter) stayed after the party and I took the two of them and J to McDonald's before we dropped her home. McDonald's isn't really my thing but now that they've started putting McCafe's in everywhere I can actually get a nice cup of coffee to occupy me while I try not to think about the fats and processed who-knows-what that the kids are ingesting. I can't stand the smell of McDonald's restaurants when I am pregnant and having spent so long pregnant I now associate that distinctive smell of fried chips, burger buns and floor cleaner with queasiness. It's a hard association to break!


Michelle said…
Happy Birthday G!!!

Amelia, it seems like just yesterday we "met". I can't believe it's already been 8 years. Here's to another 8,and then another 8 and then another 8. Maybe some day we'll really get to meet. :)
blackbird said…
Happy day to G!

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