Birthday Ideas

J loves yellow, we're always looking out for yellow cars when we're driving, yellow leaves when we're out walking and yellow bugs when we're in the garden. His delight is so infectious that we have all adopted an affection for yellow things, and point them out to one another even when he isn't around. Hopefully, I don't do it when I am on my own but I can't guarantee it :-)
I've decided to include as much yellow as I can in his birthday celebrations and have been taking photos of him with yellow things for the past few months to use in a collage for the invitation. I picked up some yellow paper cups last week and have a decent stash of yellow sprinkles in the pantry. Yarnstorm posted some photos today of a birthday cake she made for her husband and I think I'll do the same thing for Jem, you'll have to click on the hyperlink to see the cake because I haven't asked for permission to use the pic. It's sweet, simple and perfect for a boy who loves yellow and counting.
Now, I just hope he doesn't have a change of heart about yellow between now and December.


You know, there is an actual car game called shotgun - where you call out 'shotgun' when you see a yellow car. Tragically it reached such a fever pitch here Chef and I would text each other when we saw one to see who would win. Not that anyone is competitive in this family. You also call out 'punch buggy' when you see a VW bug and its colour. For example: PUNCH BUGGY BLUE CONVERTIBLE or PUNCH BUGGY WEIRD BEIGY COLOUR. And so on and so forth.

Yellow is to J what purple is to Oscar.

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