Thanks Kim

I had a lovely day today. C, JW and I visited Kim from All Consuming for morning tea and met two of her boys, Jasper and Grover. They are such adorable boys (has Kim posted about Grover's amazing eyes?) and Kim is just delightful. She had made a delicious cake and wandered around the kitchen chatting, herding children and making a beautiful lemon icing glaze - very impressive stuff!

I neglected to take any photos but Kim can back me up when I say that I had my hands full when I arrived. Even if I had put the camera in the car I wouldn't have been able to get it out of the car and into her house!

I also neglected to bake something to take with me. Given the delicious cake she provided this probably wasn't a bad thing, I would definitely have come off second best! Although the kids did seem to enjoy the gingerbread men we bought along the way. And thank goodness they did because that little detour involved loading the youngest two into the stroller and took 25mins. Seriously, we parked on the kerb practically right outside the shop and it still took forever.

Thanks so much Kim! We had a great time.


Oh it was my absolute pleasure. Didn't the time fly!?! And you're forgetting the divine pastries you brought ... which Jasper largely devoured on his own.

It was just lovely.
blackbird said…
oh you lucky devil!

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