I am sure that regular readers will remember the toing and froing about baby names in the lead up to Juliet's birth. We were fairly stable when it came to boy's names but we had a harder time settling on a girl's name. I was very keen on Willa and Greg was keen on Juliet and just not sure about Willa. In the end we went with Juliet Willa but I have had a hard time thinking of her as a Juliet. It is a beautiful name, and it is a name I have always loved but Willa seems to suit her better. Perhaps, I am just seeing what I want to see (don't we all?). J has taken to calling her J.Willa and I also call her that more often than Juliet. So, do we lead everyone to call her Willa or J.Willa? Do we officially change her name? Do I just get used to calling her Juliet?
My sister's sister-in-law is Andrea Kate but has always been called Kate because shortly after registering her birth her parents decided that they like Kate better. It doesn't seem to be too much of a hassle for her to go by her middle name but perhaps it's easier in the US, they do tend to do it more often than we do.


blackbird said…
Both names are gorgeous, but if she seems to be Willa can't you just call her that? I know lots of people who go by their middle names.
Duyvken said…
Good point, Blackbird. Not many people do that here in Aus but there's no good reason why she couldn't. Plus, it gives her plenty of leeway as she gets older to chose what's right for her. Thanks for being the voice of reason!
I think she looks like a Willa... but maybe that's because I know how much you love(d) it when she was still cooking.
Michelle said…
hmm...I thought I left you a comment - it was witty too. lol

Anyway, I think there's nothing wrong with just using Willa day to day and then at least she has the option at some point to go by either name. Just think, as a teenager if she feels like rebelling and insists that she ONLY be called JULIET then you can secretly laugh inside and be happy that she's actually picking a name you liked.

I always find it odd to change names after the baby has been named and baptized, but dh's family all change names (it actually is getting quite silly now because I have never seen so many people change names so much ) so maybe my feelings for them just color what I feel about the situation? lol.

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