Before and After

I have to get that photo of me and my stained shirt off the top of the blog so today I bring you a little diy project. It's so junky I just know Better Homes and Gardens are going to be all over it, if they haven't presented it already as something you can spend a sunday afternoon on.
We have a climber in this house, C can't help herself and must conquer anything that has a platform or a foothold. So, the bunkbed in the room she shares with J has been an irresistable temptation. As soon as she could walk she's been trying to climb it. More than once I've walked into the room to find her sitting on the top bunk grinning like a chesire cat. That's a heartstopper, let me tell you! For a while we had the ladder detached, then I had a frame leaning up against it until she figured out that just needed a little push. The solution that worked well for several months was tying one of those reusable shopping bags around the bottom two rungs but she discovered that she could get a foothold through the fabric and was back in business so I took myself (and all 4 children, what was I thinking?) off to Bunnings (a.k.a. the world's largest and most malodorous walk-in refrigerator) and bought a $7.49 piece of masonite. All it needed was a couple of holes and 2 cable ties and I now have what I am hoping will prove to be an impenetrable defence.
Of course, 1 1/2 year olds have ingenuity to burn so I am still keeping my eye on things.


Michelle said… will J get up there now?

I know he's super humanly cute and everything, but I don't recall "flight" being mentioned as a super power...
amandajean said…
my daughter likes to climb the ladder too. it scares me. where on earth is her fear???

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