Remembrance of things I love

JW is sleeping in the bassinet where all our children have spent their first few months. It is also where I and my sisters slept as well as my cousins, my nieces and nephews and my mum and uncle. My grandmother bought it 70 years ago when my uncle was born and it has been cherished and handed down ever since. My grandmother even has the receipt for it and for all the other baby stuff she bought. In fact, she could probably produce the receipt for everything she's purchased over the years. I'd ask her how much the bassinet cost but I'm afraid she wouldn't be able to remember and since moving into a respite care bed in a nursing home on Monday she's not at her home to look it up for me.
She is 91 and has been living on her own since her husband died in 1961, she has resisted moving for years but after a few very difficult weeks has had to admit that she needs to be looked after. I visited her yesterday and was shocked by the change in her. 4 1/2 weeks ago when she came to the hospital to meet her newest great-grandchild she was physically frail but was radiant, sharing our delight at JW's birth and keeping us all amused with her latest complaints about friends and neighbours. Yesterday she was pale, confused and so weak she looked breakable. As I was walking back I was wishing her well but I couldn't decide if I that was a return to good health or a swift and peaceful exit from this life.
I might just add here that there is something very disturbing about looking at a picture and seeing simultaneously what you looked like at birth, what you'll like at 64 and what you'll like at 90.
I don't know why blogger won't insert these photos properly but I'll add them anyway. I have struggled with getting the spacing right for months and now I can't even add a photo correctly. Sheesh! If anyone knows of a Blogger For Dummies course let me know!

JW's freshly bathed little feet in adorable mary jane socks given to her by her Oma and picked out for her every morning by her big brother.

The completed baptism forms (July 6th!), a reminder notice from the kid's dentist and a pencil flower made by Grace and given to me on Mother's Day.


Michelle said…
You need to get in that picture too and you'll have a full cycle of what you'll look like. I can't believe how much your mom looks like your g-ma and how much you look like you mom (I noticed that in one of your birth pics)

BabelBabe said…
those socks are too cute. my sil got Quarto pairs that looks like Converse Chucks in a rainbow of colors. i love them.

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