Mardi Gras

We've eaten plenty of pancakes tonight. How I love shrove tuesday! I'm firmly in the maple syrup and vanilla ice-cream corner, Mr Duyvken loves them with nutella and ice cream and the kids like them best with lemon and sugar. It seems that their little palates are significantly more developed than ours.
Unfortunately the pancakes I make don't look like this but I wish they did. I'll have to try a pancake mold next year.


Corrie said…
this year for shrove tuesday I made the mistake of letting dh pick a mix (I was in my super tired pregnancy stage) he came back with wholemeal and assured me it would taste the in short no. but my fave is lemon and sugar just like a crepe!

mmmmm bring on next year! its the only time we eat them but in france my favourite is also banana and nutella!


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