Summer Holidays

G goes back to school next week and we're in the winding down stage of the holiday having friends over, organising school supplies, planning school shoe shopping expeditions, etc but a couple of weeks ago when the holidays seemed endless and the weather was perfectly summery we made some very special memories. We took the kids on lot's of day trips visiting the park, the aquarium (J's absolute favourite) and spent a couple of days up north at Mr Duyvken's parent's place. We visited a water park while we were there and while it was pretty crappy and run down the kids had a ball. I want to get this photo enlarged and crop it to just show the delight on J's face and the water splashing around him.

I have put all the quilt projects aside for the moment and am catching up on some scrapbooking. Well, I call it scrapbooking but really I am just putting photos in albums and writing the odd piece of commentary. I haven't done it for over a year and I wasn't up to date then so I have a lot of catching up to do. I was in a good groove for a while printing out a few photos each month and getting them straight into the album and that is what I am hoping to get back to. I am hoping to be up to date by the end of Feb and then when the cooler autumn weather arrives in March I will turn my thoughts to fabric once again.


Cascade Lily said…
Wow your pregnancy is shooting along. What a bummer about your uncooperative bub at the 19w scan! We want to find out this time, so let's hope that doesn't happen here, as we are having a REALLy hard time agreeing on a boys name!

Your 'pointless confetti' quilt turned out BEAUTIFULLY - it's just gorgeous. No points and all!

The water park looked like lots of fun too :)

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