Pointless Confetti Quilt

Agatha's quilt is finished and already in the mail on it's way to the colder climes of Boston. Hopefully it will add a little extra warmth to her trips in the stroller and the car. I neglected to measure it before I sent it but it is basically the same size as the stroller quilts I made for my niece and nephew in June.
I am very happy with how it turned out. The pointless confetti blocks were initially a cutting error but I think perservering with it and using irregular strips for the sashing to create lines that are roughly straight give it enough visual structure to still look good. I kept the curved edges when I attached the border fabric but tried to make the finished quilt as square as I could. I had my usual anxieties about attaching the binding, which is probably why I posted it as soon as it was completed. I didn't want to be looking at it second guessing myself. I do think the binding is too wide for a quilt this size but I wasn't about to take it off, cut it back a cm and start again, LOL.


Joyce said…
It looks perfect to me.I like the idea of taking a cutting error and making it into something beautiful. I learned a lot about binding from this video on Utube.
It's called Binding the Angel by Sharon Schamber.
Michelle said…
and if I ever happen to see THAT quilt coming at me in a mall, I'll be sure to stop....;)

warn your sister.
Nettie said…
What an orginal kid quilt! Love all the movement there. Very pretty!

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