Naming Babies - third trimester

I am in my third trimester already, I really can't believe that I am only a few months from holding this little one in my arms, and the naming conversations with Mr Duyvken are ongoing. I still have a strong preference for Willa if we have a girl but I am finding the boy's name harder to settle on. Probably because I have a strong feeling we will have a girl. Mr Duyvken has a strong feeling we are having a boy and the ultrasound technician was dealing with a very unco-operative subject when we had our 19wk scan so we are still in the dark. I will probably have another ultrasound later in the pregnancy to check that the placenta has moved a safe distance from the cervix (it was closer than they like it to be at the 19wk scan) and if I give in to temptation I might find out.

Until then our current favourites list looks like this:

with the middle name Monique after Mr Duyvken's mother.

with the middle name Robert after Mr Duyvken's father.


Michelle said…
gosh Willa has been on your list since baby2. You HAVE to go with that.

On the other hand, Niamh is one of my favorite names right now. Favorite Favorite. I'm assuming no one where you are will mangle it like they would in the US? Heck, I have people who can't pronounce Ian. LOL.
Corrie said…
oh I love willa and niamh (since I know a real cutie ) and I'm hoping you have a girl since I adore girls but since i don't know what I'm having either (but am sick of people asking who don't know you can't find out till 19 weeks) but will have double the name joy

hoping you find out soon and can settle on names

if it makes you feel better my hubby is insisting on banjo for a boy and everyone thinks he's joking but I know he's not!


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