Craft hopes and inspiration for 2008

1. This lovely fabric from retromummy makes me want to sew a soft babooskha shaped doll that is small enough for newborn-sized hands to grasp and unembellished so it can be sucked on and chewed and the babe gets bigger.
2. I loved the ripple crochet blankets I saw on a few blogs through 2007 (yarnstorm, posie, white country) and will need to dig deep into my memory banks to remember the crochet we were taught in Mrs Rosen's yr 5 class at Our Lady of the Rosary primary school. Actually, when I think about it, a disproportionate amount of my time at primary school seemed to be spent on crafts. Macrame, tooling leather, crochet, beading keyrings - we did it all. It definitely looms larger in my memory than any academics that we covered, although I am certain we did our fair share of that too. Perhaps they were secretly running a sweat shop?
3. I really do need to finish J's single bed quilt and now that I have a few successfully completed quilts behind me I feel well-equipped to do this. Besides, I really should finish it before I fall out of love with the fabric and before he grows out of his love of animals!
4. And of course, G's quilt which we bought fabrics for last year and which she keeps changing her mind about. I am leaning towards a flying geese quilt for this and might just get started on the sly. I am sure once she sees the quilt coming together she'll like it. She's been paralysed by the multitude of choices available and even though I keep reassuring her that this won't be the last quilt mummy makes for her she really wants it to be 'just right'.


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