Potty Training

J was ready for potty training before we moved but with all the open for inspections and general chaos I put off doing much about it. He'd wear big boy underpants occasionally and had a star chart going but we weren't working very hard to motivate him. Since we've moved our tune has changed because he starts pre-school at the end of Jan and he needs to be trained by then. We've had a few bumps in the road but generally he's doing brilliantly.
I'm still quietly quilting away and have been enjoying doing the fans in the border, it won't be long and I'll be up to the binding!


Cascade Lily said…
Good luck with the TT :) We found lots of pants-free time worked a treat!

Enjoy your quilty Christmas :)
Michelle said…
good luck with the training! I know that for us, waiting till after Ian was about 3.5 was a charm - he just was so ready. Not even half a hassle. I hope the same goes for J - now that he's 3 he'll be more than ready. Plus, he needs to get comfy in the new digs first.

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