Long time no post!

What a month! The move went really well but there is still plenty to do around here before we really feel settled in and can turn our thoughts to the big picture. The big picture being drawing up plans for an extension and submitting them to council for approval. The approval process is going to be a long one as our council is notorious for taking a long time to process even the most straight-forward of development applications so we don't want to wait too long to submit our DA. We could faff around for a year or we could knuckle down and sort it all out in a few months and we're hoping to do the latter. The time between Christmas and the baby's arrival in April will hopefully be sufficient to get everything sorted out, down on paper and into council!

Since we've moved there has been very little quilting or crafting going on, unfortunately. Agatha's quilt is still in progress, although I am up to the freehand fans in the border and should be able to wrap that up with just a couple more evenings on the couch. I'd really like to get it to her before the New Year. I just feel so tired by the time I get to the end of the day, I have been opting out of doing anything more intense than watching a movie or getting to bed early. I have plenty of clean folded laundry that hasn't yet been put back in it's place to prove my point!


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