I am surrounded by boxes and 'to do' lists at the moment because the movers will be here on Saturday to take all our stuff to the new house. To our house. I can't believe that we've managed to buy ourselves a house but it really started to feel real last night when we picked up the keys and had the family around for take-away pizza on the floor. It's actually better than I remembered it was which was a nice surprise! There's more storage space than I realised and the kitchen, although 30 years old, is in excellent condition and has at least double the cupboards we've currently got. There is even room for a dishwasher. Not that we have a dishwasher but at least now we've got the possibility of getting a dishwasher, LOL.

So, to distract myself from the clutter and the mess surrounding me I have been browsing baby nursery sites and found this stunning linen from Dwell. Oh my, how beautiful and crisp is this?


Michelle said…
I've got you on a "feed" so now I can see when you blog! Glad the closing went well and it's officially YOURS!!! I'm so excited for you guys - forever since I've known you- 8 years now - you've dreamed of your own home, and here it is. CONGRATS!
Michelle said…
oh and that bedding is to die for!
Corrie said…
oh good luck! we move in 2 weeks and I count the days and congrats on owning your own home! it brings lovely memories and a nice feeling and the best thing for us was doing up the garden and knowing it was ours....but of course now we're leaving it

love that quilt!
Cascade Lily said…
That nursery manchester is just divine!

Good luck with the move - how exciting!

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