What to do on windy days

Mr Duyvken bought a kite for the kids during the holidays and they spent hours out in the garden watching it roll and struggle against the gusty wind and trying hard to keep it out of the trees and off the neighbour's roof. They found so much joy in it, and C and I enjoyed sitting on the porch watching the 3 of them taking turns holding the string. The weather has calmed quite a lot these past 2 weeks and there hasn't been much kite flying but hopefully a trip to the beach this weekend will change that.

Agatha's quilt is half quilted and I am looking forward to finshing it off soon so that I can get started on another project. I have an idea for adding an initial to G's quilt using Lazy Gal's letters and I am eager to get started. Patience, patience, Amelia....


Kim said…
We bought kites for the kids thinking it would be a great family activity. Let's just say there was lots of underbreath swearing and not much kite flying. They've been on top of the shelves in the boys room ever since and no one has ever suggested it as a family activity again. Ever.

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