Sharing rooms

Hop Skip & Jump posted about decorating a room for a boy and a girl to share where there is a 4 year age gap between them and I just had to jump in. We have a 4 year age gap between G and J and they have shared a room since J was 2mths old and we moved him out of the bassinet in our room and into the cot. Sharing has worked beautifully for us, and we now have all 3 children sharing a room. G and J are in a bunk bed and C is in the cot.

The biggest challenge with the arrangement is simply storage. We don't have enough space in the wardrobe for their clothes and shoes so we've had to get a little creative. Grace's clothes are stored in a freestanding wire drawer unit in the wardrobe and each child has a plastic tub for their shoes that slides under the bed. We also go through the clothes a couple of times a year and pack away or donate the clothes that no longer fit them so that the drawers are only used for things they can wear now.
Most of the toys live elsewhere in the house so the bedroom is really just a room for sleeping. It means that when one child is napping the other children aren't tempted to wander in and disturb them. The kids don't wake one another if one cries out during the night although they do all tend to get up together at around 7 - 7:30 in the morning.

The house we bought and are moving to in Nov has 3 bedrooms and we plan on having 2 children in each room until we get around to doing a renovation where we will move the kitchen, create a 4th bedroom and build a garage.
My skills as a photographer leave a lot to be desired but I've included some pics of the kid's room. We are renting so the house is 'rental cream' like all the other places we've leased but I'd love to paint the skirtings and doors white and put some colour on the walls. I can't wait to do some decorating when we move into our own place! Here's the spot for changing nappies on the end of J's bed as there isn't space in the room for a change table.


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