The heat

The temperature is climbing slowly and steadily to the forecast max of 34 and the kids and I are doing all we can to stay well out of it. The car isn't air-conditioned so we're trying not to go out but a trip later will be inevitable as the house we are renting is on the market and it will be open for inspection at 2. Keeping someone else's house ready for open for inspections is a rather thankless task but I am enough of a neat freak that I just can't bring myself to not make an effort. Hopefully the good karma will keep flowing my way!
We have found a new place to live and will be moving in sometime in mid-Nov which isn't that far away when you think about it. I am not looking forward to packing everything up and moving again but knowing that we'll be able to stay in our new digs for a long time is making a difference. In the 8yrs we've been married we've moved 8 times and frankly, we're over it.
On the upside I am 12wks pregnant and the morning sickness has lifted! This is an odd sensation for me because I haven't had it lift so early before but I am enjoying it and the extra energy that it's affording me.
I still haven't made any quilting progress as my sewing machine has been packed away until this house is auctioned later this month. Then, things can fall back into their regular rhythm and the sewing can recommence. Luckily the cold weather hasn't hit Boston so little Agatha wouldn't be using her quilt yet even if I had finished it.
I've been getting back up to date with some of my favourite blogs in the past few days and thought I would share a few links.
Yarnstorm has delightful pics of her baking and sewing projects as always.
Two Straight Lines whose posts I always enjoy.
The Happiness Project which always has something thought provoking for me to read.


Lily said…
Good to hear the dreaded morning sickness has gone! 26 here today - but I was inside all day so didn't notice! Hope you find a way to stay cool :)

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