Saturday, August 11, 2007

Agatha's quilt is bound and ready to be sandwiched. I don't have enough fabric to use as backing so I will have to go buy that this coming week. I'll back it and bind it in red and send it off to Boston to be used during those freezing winter months. Hopefully it is an appropriate quilt for a little girl whose daddy just had her name tattoed on his arm and who is pushed around outdoor music festivals in a Rock Star brand pram. They're one very hip inner city family!
Forgive the photo - throwing things on the floor is not the best way to photograph them!

Agatha's Pointless Confetti Quilt

Saturday, August 04, 2007

I've been finshing the piecing on Agatha's stroller quilt over the past 2 days while J hasn't been feeling well and not wanting to stray too far from me. He has loved sitting on my lap and watching the fabric feed through the whirring sewing machine. I cut these blocks a month or so ago from a 5 inch square valentine charm pack with a view to making the confetti quilt from The Fun Quilt Studio's book Modern Quilt Workshop. There are so many quilts in this book that I want to make!
Unfortunately, I misaligned the template when I was cutting and so ended up with pieces that didn't leave enough seam allowance to maintain the tips of the triangles. I put the project aside while I got on with J's single bed quilt and tried to figure a way around the problem. In the end I decided to sew them together using the leftover black and cream toile from J's castle quilt as sashing creating pointless confetti blocks. It is an accidentally liberated quilt, if you will!
I have another black and cream fabric to use the border and I may throw in a few blue and green fabrics as well. However, I don't know if they will read well with the red so that is still just a possibility.

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